Patent Forms - General Power of Attorney, Regular Power of Attorney

The Korean Intellectual Property Office was recommending that new forms be used for the Power of Attorney. These forms are available for downloading on our website:

A General Power of Attorney or a regular Power of Attorney executed by a representative of the applicant (no legalization is required): As for filing of power of attorney with the Korean Intellectual Property Office, you may use either a regular form of ¡°Power of Attorney¡± or a newly adopted form of ¡°General Power of Attorney (GPA)¡±. The advantage of filing a GPA is that once the GPA has been filed, an applicant may avoid submitting a separate power of attorney each time a new application is filed thereafter. Also the applicant may avoid paying a late filing fee of US$100.00 including official fee for failing to submit a power of attorney in time. Both forms need not be legalized or notarized.