Anyone who uses their creativity to produce a literary work, a musical composition or a work of visual art can be a copyright owner. A copyright gives the owner the right to prevent others from reproducing (copying), distributing, performing or making derivatives of the owner¡¯s work that is fixed in any tangible means of expression. This could be the written word, a painting or photograph, a sculpture or an architectural work, or a sound or film recording. The copyright is created by operation of law as soon as the work is fixed in any tangible form. However, the right to seek damages from an infringer for violating the copyright exists only if the copyright is registered.

In order to register a copyright an application must be prepared and filled with the copyright office. This application requires information like the name of the copyright owner, author, title and type of work produced. It is also necessary for the application to state whether the work is published or unpublished. The main facet of copyrights is to allow those who have created work to protect it against any infringements that may occur. An infringement can involve the copying of one¡¯s work in part or in whole. Infringements may also entail the unauthorized distribution of one work, this is also known as pirating or piracy. An infringement can also apply to an individual who coordinates other individuals to copy and distribute another person¡¯s work without his permission.

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