LEEON Intellectual Property Law Firm was established by a number of patent attorneys who worked for large Korean and foreign companies to protect the intellectual property.

We provide full range of service regarding intellectual property right which includes applications, licenses, searches, prosecutions, litigations and so on. To accomplish all these tasks perfectly, all of our professionals have high educational backgrounds and in-depth technological knowledge in their own specialized fields.

Their expertise in such fields as Chemistry, Chemical engineering, Biotech, Pharmaceutics, Electronics, Electrical engineering, Material science, Telecommunications, Mechanical engineering, Software and Business methods allow us to match each case with the most appropriate resources.

Our Firm is armed with a clear vision for the acquisition and protection of exclusive intellectual property rights, a one-stop system that provides comprehensive legal services, and a one client-to-one patent attorney system in which a patent attorney is full dedicated to one client. Based on our vision and systems, we will make our utmost efforts to thoroughly protect valuable ideas and rights of our clients and help their business flourish. If you have ideas, well help you protect and profit more conveniently and practically.

We look forward to working with you.